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I havent had this issue until i started using Mk.4 belts. They dont have a belt moving on the underside of them like with all the other belts atm. Sometimes belts bug out on me and wont be going the correct direction. I can usually spot this with all the other belts. When i spend hours belting from one location to another and have them on the second story of a building like i usually like to do i need to manually run past them all or actively send things through them and hope at the other end that the items go through.
The buildings currently have an led system so you can check at a glance whats an out/in same with mergers/spliters so it shouldnt be too hard to setup a few leds to indicate the direction of these belts. It could even be something as simple as 1 led on each side closer to the left side if the belt is running from the right to the left.

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If you press Q and select any item you should see the direction indicator as either green or orange, besides that the Mk4 have dots on the belt so its really easy to see where they go, these dots do however go away sometimes when theres no items, i think its a bug, but its still really easy to know the direction.

Sometimes belts bug out on me and wont be going the correct direction

im not sure if its a bug but yeah, if you build a conveyor from A to B it goes in that direction but even if the other belts go that way sometimes when you build from B to A expecting to go A to B it actually doesnt. 

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With q and an item, any item, belts dont have an indication anywhere of their direction. If i had an input or output of a building within miles of where im working i could tell the direction. Also i had explained that i cant see the dots from the bottom. Other belts you can actually see the belts from the bottom, these you can not. So if i could see them from the bottom, or if there were any indication of the direction of the belts when the belts are placed up above you that would be ideal. Even if i could press Q to see the direction of the belts thats still not good enough. Sure it would be better than nothing and ill take anything at this point, but i dont see why we cant have something like every building in the game has but also on the belts.
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well thats weird, my game is different but anyway, i guess they could add it but not before may, thats when supposedly the last update will come out
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