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Long time user, first time caller. These living quarters are a sad thing. The storage is outside. The cupboards are like the refrigerator and computer screens: barbie dollhouse colourfull stickers, the desk and chair are nothing but a constant trip hazard, the bunk beds cannot be used to rest & relax after a long 100 hours day and multiple attacks by bities, fluffies and Burn-Es. I'm telling Ficsit, I'm writting to you Caterina Parks and if things don't change, I'll tell Steve and he'll... do... nothing, as always. Probably Simon's fault again, evil doer in chief... Ah darn!

This place has a lot going on and we're doing great things, major milestones are being reached and surpassed but the leadership does not give back. And where are all those parts going anyway?

Please advise.


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