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Almost a question this. Is there any visible difference between Mk1/Mk2/Mk3 to help you identifying. I'm thinking particularly here of belts but any of the upgradable structures are probably valid. I ask because if you want to go upgrading all your belts it's tough to work out which are mk1 already and which aren't.

Potentially you could colour belts (so i can tell myself) or maybe have a slight visual giveaway. I note there are little lights on the side of the belts, maybe one light per section for Mk1, 2 for Mk2 etc?

I'm betting there already is a clever way of telling and i've just missed it.
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To add to the other dudes comment, they get progressively more sturdy looking side railings. It's a pretty obvious difference, especially when you have each of the three next to each other. Once you see it, you'll never not notice it
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Mk3 has rectangular lights, that's reasy to spot. But i can't tell the difference between a mk1 and mk2 belt without standing on the belt or using the deconstruct tool.

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At the moment you can know the difference only that Mk2 belt is little higher than mk1 and has single light. Mk1 has 3 small lights on it. 



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nice. I must just be blind. :) To be fair i've only unlocked mk2 so probably be much more obvious to me when i get mk3. Thanks for answering! :)
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yeah theres even a mk4, which is way thicker
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Yeah, the difference between MK1 and MK2 is not as big. MK3 is easier, and MK4 is just obvious. Not only that but the difference in speed between 1 and 3 is  very noticeable. Also, if you cannot tell, press F to dismantle and hover over the belt, it says it's name.
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There are pretty obvious visual differences between the different conveyor belt options; you need only look at them to see them. The side panels get larger with each generation and the belts themselves have different textures. That's of course in addition to the pretty obvious speed differences. If you haven't noticed it, lay out a bunch of conveyor poles side by side on a foundation block, 4 on one side of the foundation, 4 on the opposite side, then run mk1-4 belts between them and you'll easily see the visual differences.
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mk2 is too similar to mk1 with you don't see the moving part of the belt.
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Look closer. The lights on the sides are completely different.
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alright. will look harder next time i play the game
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