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At the start, I feel like it's hard to craft the exact amount of things at the bench. I end up overshooting and then I need to go back for more ore. So maybe I need X ore to craft Y rods and Z plates. When I hold the button to craft the rods or plates I have to have a good trigger finger to time when to stop so I don't have to go back for more ore. When I craft Y+! rods then I'm short on plates. It would be nice to say I want to make 5 rods and then it'll stop when I've made 5 even if I'm still holding the button down.
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I feel like that may be intentional...
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I also don't like the current 'trigger finger' approach or having to sit there and hold the mouse button down in general. But then I thought that it was great incentive to automate that with machines... an interesting concept... perhaps, build a fully automated factory. What satisfaction that will give: not having to hold down that mouse button anymore or lift it up at just the right time.
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Only a Tip.
If you want to craft more, you can activate on your Mouse to hold the button if pressed for a brief time (search Mouse Options in windows)
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Use the todo list maybe?

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Yes it is a bit annoying when you try to craft some, and craft more than the actual needed items. Imagine when there will be more craftable items.... Also I didn't like that you can craft items faster manually that crafting them in a factory
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True dat. I tend to start automating things to make produce them passively while I'm out adventuring. There's a certain crossover point where producing automatically becomes more efficient (like producing 500 modular frames...).
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