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The game is great and it's getting really good.

But we need a really challenging challenge.

I think of a species of animal that attacks the base according to the amount of pollution generated. May it be strong. He needs guns and maybe turrets.

This will attract players of other styles of play.

This same challenge is found in FACTORY.

I know there is a limitation because there is so much graphic information. But we need a strong challenge even in small numbers but a very strong and constant enemy.

Maybe you can take that option by creating the world. Or put. But there have to be challenges.

Note: My English is a beginner.
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I was actually coming here to post about this. We do need to have some kind of enemy AI that causes mischief in your facility. Factorio has those alien bugs for example which become more viscous as you pollute more.
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"This will attract players of other styles of play"

yeah and its also gonna send players away, players that prefers to only build and not having to defend their base
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No it won't; it makes sense to add a peaceful mode, so those players would have nothing to be turned off by.

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agreed but i believe a difficult setting would be better for this. That way you can choose for the more difficult and higher amount of enemies or play a more peaceful type game. the harder it is the more creature loot you'll get but playing an easier difficulty would cause you less potential headache.
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The difference in factorio is, that you can remote-control most of your base via sattelite-map or logistig/construction bots. As long as there is no such thing in satisfactory, I would be careful.... I find it already quite annoying when e.g. an automated truck flips over somewhere and then you have to run all the way to your far resource outpost and fix it.... sometimes again and again.... image beeing attacked frequently, you would just be running from A to B all the time
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