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Alright so first things first. I'm still working out tier 4 stuff so still earlyish game so there may be stuff i'm about to mention later on in the game i just haven't gotten there yet. I am also aware that some people have kind of talked about what general things i'm gonna mention but not to the degree i'm going to be. anyway here we go.

For transportation it's kind of lacking pretty heavily early game at least. i believe i saw a jet pack later on in the game but obviously it's not an early game thing making it cool but useless to me until i can actually get it. so the options (again at least in early game) are fairly limited. The tractor being the only vehicle that can take you anywhere. The problem with that thing is well you can run faster than it (slightly) with the blade runners and the thing is kind of massive with no ability at all to go up sharp inclines (small hills are fine to be fair). So this brings me to idea 1.

1. Early game roads. These would allow you to use the tractor more effectively. I mean think about it your in a what seems futuristic game you automate with conveyor belts as if your digi-structing them and so on but getting that tractor a proper road to drive on isn't a thing. So potentally make them work (building wise) like conveyor belts. merging could only be up to four ways in one spot if needed as well.

2. what about a player specific mobility system? maybe pnematic tubes or otherwise.

3. moving sidewalks. yes you can technically use conveyors but i'm more meaning like walkway themed as in it has actual human sized railings and such. This also could be made like the conveyors.

4. the ability to just ride the tractors as it goes on its automated trips?? i don't really see why you shouldn't be able to. Maybe you just have no control over driving it while the automated thing is going though. kind of like just watching it drive itself while your in it. if absolutely nothing else it'd be a great way to idle while your factory/factories automate and build your stuff.

5.(this one not so sure about) grapple hook. you'd shoot the hook at an object or wall and it'd pull you towards that holding you there till you "jumped" or grappled somewhere else.
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#4 Can't you just jump onto the tractor while it's running? Haven't tried this in automated, but when my friend drives the truck, I just ride on top.

I don't agree with the other things, but I will say that a road building option would be nice. One that lays road, and the other would be maybe to demolish to make an even plane. So you could terraform the roadway then lay the asphalt or whatever..... instead of haveing to use foundations everywhere.  With this option you could still have hills and stuff and not have block like formations everywhere, though the clearings would be done in a grid as per rest of game.
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