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It's nice that the splitter/merger can snap to an existing conveyor but it would be nice if:

1 - Holding Ctrl while snapping to conveyor will snap to grid if with in X blocks of a foundation or snap to a universal grid space if not within X blocks. I think the normal blue line distance would be sufficient.

2 - splitter/mergers could snap to, in priority to a conveyor end, directly to another machine with no belt or another surface line a foundation or other mountable surface.

3 - they could be mounted on top of other flat components like other splitter/merger or storage container.

4 - clearance around, above and below a splitter/merger would allow belts to clip or reduce the collision area so stacked splitter/mergers would allow belts above to pass unhindered. This also causes issue with placing it on a foundation, deleting foundation and then trying to re-apply it. Can't do it.

Thanks for your consideration.
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Not nessicarily a fix but you *can* get splitters. mergers and belts to stack if you work from the top down pulling conveyors out of each before moving to the one below: https://imgur.com/a/tiC44JZ
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Yeah, I'm familiar with the work arounds. But if they stacked on each other without having to build a foundation and if they would allow to run belts without having to connect the top ones first would make life easier.
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Updated OP to include foundation collision bug(?).
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The grid snap def needs HUGE improvement.  Also the object being aligned should not have to be deconstructed to adjust alignment. We NEED a way to 'nudge' an object into alignment with accurate feedback. Output-Input alignment should automatic. It is not fun to constantly deconstruct-reconstruct because you a a few pixels off center.
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