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It would be a nice QoL upgrade, especially when placing foundations.  The idea being I could make foundation, then run to where I want the full length of foundation blocks to be, point at the placed foundation and it would build line of foundation blocks on the same plane as the block I pointed at.

It would really save time when setting up large factory floors.  Obviously if you run out of concrete in the middle it just stops placing them since it is still building each foundation like normal.

Other ideas that may, or may not, be as useful to add functionality to an upgraded builder:

* ability to build in an area, sort of like how a game like simcity lets you select zones, click a space, drag out for length and width, then it builds foundations over that area

* conveyor pole stackable builder - pre-define how many to stack and it spits them all out with one click.  So set it to a height of 10, and it just builds 10 stacked up with the one click

* Add functionality to pre-link a conveyor pole stackable to a previous group of conveyor pole stackables with conveyors and provided you have the resources it will build the stackables to the prescribed height and link up all of the conveyors

Obviously some of these are "op" but it is more about the convenience after you reach a certain point in the game.  For instance, once I have reached the point where I am trying to automate, say computers or super computers, it should be fairly trivial to get the materials for linking things up, it is just a big pain to try and individually place the block, poles, and conveyors to get the base line stuff into the area and prep it, seems like a useful idea to all for the research of upgrades to help out those steps
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they might do that later but for now its not a priority, they didnt even fixed the resources quantity needed to build conveyors yet, it always shows 1 material needed even tho i dragged it really far, it doesnt update that number
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These would be very welcome QoL features, I agree. It'd make for a more... Satisfactory experience.
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