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I have played the game for a successful 3 hours and am happy and delighted with the results. The game-play while at first felt repetitive and overwhelming was easy to catch on. Having to walk back and forth from portable miners in order to continue production was an excellent way to build up to the miners. One problem I have is fuel - I feel as if there should be more ways to get fuel (and as of now the only way I know of is running around collecting leaves and wood for bio-fuel) because it becomes extremely repetitive. When making a game like this the difficulty is making the repetitive tasks not seem the way they are because in the grand scheme of things the player is doing the same thing over and over again, the driving force in that action is the way the developer makes the game appear. Good Job and am looking forward to playing more!
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I went on a leaves run and came back with enough fuel for around 10 more hours. We may be in different areas, but mine is covered in leaves, plus I found a bunch of wood along the way. Also, keep in mind how much power you're consuming. You can throttle your generators to use less fuel (and therefore have less output). Either count up how much wattage you're using on a single generator, or just keep reducing the % until it shuts off and then you will know your current output threshold. I halved my fuel consumption by doing this.

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you can unlock a chainsaw in i think tier 3 that makes collecting wood and leaves much easier, there is also another fuel sorce later in the game but i dont want to spoil that :p
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That's absolutely nice of you. I just would post things like that to their social media instead of the reporting portal:

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