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What I mean is instead of conveyor belts which can be very slow to unload items from a building, causing production to slow down as building inventories get full and they have to shut down, have an item, similar to a convey belt, even might look like a fully enclosed conveyor so you can't actually see anything in it, but of a fixed size. That item has an inbound snap and an outbound snap, like the buildings, except the buildings and this bridge item snap to each other. Outbound building connections will snap to the inbound connection of the bridge, and the outbound of the bridge snaps to the inbound of buildings.

As an example, you build a constructor and set it to make screws. It makes 6 (or 12) at a time and they have to be unloaded one at a time. Unless you have access to and the materials to build mk 3 belts, your constructor is going to fill up with screws and shut down because mk 1 and 2 belts cannot unload it fast enough. If though, you connect one of these bridges to the outbound of the constructor, then connect a storage container to the outbound of the bridge, all screws are immediately transferred into the storage container as soon as they are produced. The constructor never fills with screws and never shuts down. The storage container will eventually fill if you can't pull from it fast enough, but it'll take a lot longer to fill up and shut down your production.
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use higher mark belts :D
with 470 output its going really fast

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Regarding the described scenario, I think that the consumption of screws may be lower than the production rate. You could distribute the screws with a splitter to several constructors.
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