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I've had my server running for 150+ hours at this point, I'd love to know how many iron plates and bars have been produced at my first few machines. I bet it's a lot!
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while this might satisfy that itch for the incrementalist game lovers like me out there, this seems like something that wouldnt be that useful in the game and considering how many machines people have, that would be a lot of large numbers for the game to keep track of and uptick at rapid rates.
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As far as computers are concerned, numbers would have to be astronomical to be even remotely bogged down by them these days.  Like, to the tune of a googol.  ehhhh maybe not quite that large, but you get my point.  Since there isn't one shared online server that everyone connects to (think of games like Eve Online) it would be nothing for the game to monitor everything you ever built over the course of even 1000 hours.  It would only be limited by your local computer, since that's where it would all be stored.  Factorio does this, in fact, so I know it's way more that possible.
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Yeah, I like that idea.  Add a few statistics to the game.
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