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After saving and exiting the game to the desktop (either from main menu or in game), 

I noticed the "Satisfactory" process in task manager is still active and eating memory ...it was consuming around 2gb...it has ballooned to 5gb during the time of writing this msg. 

The epic launcher also shows the game status as still running. I have to end-task the process to fully exit the game and release the occupied memory. I have created dump file of the child process, here is the dropbox link for your review.

Let me know if I can be of more help. Awesome looking game/concept. Good work and Thank you.

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I too experienced this. Saved the game, clicked "Exit to Desktop" on windows 10. Tried to run the game, Epic Launcher says "running"  I exited epic launcher, re-opened it, still "running" and noticed task-manager displays Satisfactory still running & using 1GB of ram.

Repeatable, 3 times in a row.
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I've experiences the same thing; Windows 10, game version 95718. Video: https://youtu.be/lj9Ihva4yCY
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Same issue here as well

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The game is fairly RAM intensive, and takes a while to load with a black screen. Give it some time.
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i have left my computer on for hours after and the process is still in task manager.
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The game will continue after I exit the game for many, many hours. The only way to stop it is with task-manager.
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