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I have EpicLauncher installed, however I dont see any option to install the game. The game is listed nowhere in my Library.

After purchasing the game it took me to the install page online however it just told me to install epic launcher...i have had epic launcher installed for years as i use it for work. Tried reinstalling epic launcher and its still not showing anything to do with Satisfactory.

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I had a similar problem due to having the Alpha-Weekend Edition installed, if that is the case for you, you might consider deinstalling that first.

I hope my advice helps.
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Thanks for your suggestion Quint, however i never installed the Alpha edition.

 I just went back into my emails to find my redeem code for the alpha weekend to see if this would somehow work (wishful thinking) but when i try entering it i just get told to download the epic launcher...which i already have installed on my system. I need to get past this epic launcher install option before i can install the actual game im assuming
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in case this helps : you should have the early access version to install.
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Nope, doesnt work. I cant see anything in my epic launcher relating to satisfactory at all. complete waste of time and money
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Contact Epic support.
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