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After joining the game I will load in and see buildings start to load in. Initially I can't move and have to wait around 30 seconds to be able to look around/ access menus/ etc. After another minute of not moving I get booted back to the menu screen with no option for crash reports. The entire game never loads in and many blocks will still be missing. I can also not strafe in any direction but if I move forward it will recognize that when I join the game again.

I have to use hamachi to even join my friends game (without it I am stuck in the trying to join game window for around 30 seconds and then boots me to main menu again, still with no option for crash reports). We both have gigabit internet and network settings are set to High/Ultra (We also tried low and we get the same problem but slower)

I set my firewall to allow inbound and outbound traffic for the game (set a new rule in the advanced menu). I set this up for Factorygame.exe and the factorygameWinx64shipping.exe with nothing really being affected.

My friend followed all the same steps and we tried switching places with me hosting the server. Each time the server host is fine and can play the game normally but the joiner gets booted to menu like above. I have seen people play multiplayer so I know it should work somehow.

I'm no game design expert but it seems the server is so slow that there is a fatal disconnect between host and players (To the point that if I dont load the floor below me before I am able to look around I will fall through it on my screen while remaining in place on the hosts screen).

The game looks amazing other wise and my friend has not had any issues playing on his own server. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

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Same help us plz
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Me and a friend have the same problem. We ran in to this issue yesterday for the first time. Today the game is unplayble for the one person that is not hostning.
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I had similar troubles. My friend who was hosting had terrible upload speed due to some ISP issues in his area. He sent me the saved file and I hosted with almost no problems. It crashed once on me but that beats every 5 minutes when he hosted. Anyway, his ISP fixed his service and we have no problems anymore other than a little lag at times.
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