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Just have it off to the side, and let me drag it onto the button to keep it down. It can fall off again if I leave the bench. This way I can at least go to the bathroom when I'm crafting a few hundred items for which I'm not yet prepared to set up a full production line. My finger begs you.

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You can also hold the spacebar to press the crafting button. I just use my mouse as a weight to hold it down if I need to leave the game for a few minutes while crafting.

Not exactly an in-game solution, but it might work for you.
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i use batteries but i get why the developers wouldnt want you to do that, we all know its faster and easier to do stuff in the craft bench so when you leave it there crafting there's no purpose in having machines automating stuff, and thats what the game is all about.
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Yep, I read about the spacebar. I've also turned my mouse upside-down and propped it up against something to keep the button down. I've thought about auto hotkey, macros, etc. But the point is if we're all looking for alternatives outside of the game, then I think the process needs to be rethought. A stone, or a button latch, would maintain the same game mechanic without physically fatiguing our finger. Either that or the entire bench crafting system needs to be nerfed (which was another suggestion, and one I would be open to).
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I saw someone else comment on this. You can go to Windows Settings | Devices | Mouse | Additional Mouse Options and enable the click lock. I set mine to about 3/4ths the way for a longer time. Takes about 2 seconds before the lock kicks in. I actually haven't used it yet in game but the other commentor suggested that it would work.
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Guys this game is all about Automation. Try a game where u only use the manual crafting at start. The game is so more fun
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mouse keys,enter&alt-tab,many many auto input programs
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