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When building a massive factory, keeping track of what items are being fed onto what conveyor belt is hard. Right now i have to follow the conveyor belt all the way to the constructor that makes the item to remember what the belt connected to it are to transferring. this is when everything is powered down of course.

Lets say a belt is transferring iron plates, then the belt connected to the constructors output and every belt after that can show an iron plate icon. Similar to the "alt mode" in factorio
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am i understanding you wrong? items appear on the belt while being moved. so if you have a belt or iron plates, just look at it.
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I might have worded it wrong. If you can correct me, please do. when you have everything powered, you see the iron plates move along the belt yes. what i mean though however, is when you want to build a factory finished before you power it up, you can have an icon showing what resource the belts are transferring. If you've played factorio, remember the "alt mode"? it's kinda like that. you won't have the need to manually go to the belt to see what it transfers

tried to edit it, see if its more understandable now
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