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Taking a bit after factorio here. But i personally at least loved the idea of logistic drones bringing items from one place to another without the use of miles and miles of conveyor belts. And a logistic inventory for that matter, being able to request items that the drones will bring to you.
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Drones would be great on space engineers to weld stuff, but in satisfactory we don't even have properly blueprints, and the automated delivery will be centred on trains and trucks
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What i meant was the drones could just replace the need for conveyor belts if you're tight on space, they would only do their job from within the base. Train and trucks are for longer distances.

Reason for why i suggest it is because building with a lot of conveyor belts will end up looking pretty messy, i personally experience this at least. I can see an alternative by using trucks or trains to transfer the items around the factory instead of using belts. But either way it would have to be quite large, and probably sky high to avoid all the mountains around.

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Well a robbot companion would be great for carry  stuff  harvest berries and mine ores
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I can see that being effective, when building a lot or exploring, having to go back and forth often is a hassle. I do like the idea of logistic drones though, even drones to build for you would be nice actually.
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