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This would be extremely helpful as right now if you want to reconstruct, you would have to delete it all block by block, then add it all block by block someplace else. I suggest the ability to take a blueprint of a layout already built. Then upon placement the size of the blueprint is shown as a construction site with a terminal at the front. Reason for the terminal is to let you add the resources later if you don't have them on you at that time, as you can only hold so much in your inventory.

When making the blueprint you can have a blueprint tool that scans the area you select, where the selected area being about where you stand, or at the tip of the tool.

Could also make it so you select each block you want in a blueprint manually, though it will take longer.
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tha'ts really necessary ?
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Yes it is. After deleting and rebuilding entire super factories, that would sure be a quality of life improvement!
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I really hope we get blueprints for this game. I'm enjoying it so far, but after a couple of hours, building your factory becomes repetative and boring. What's the point of having a neatly designed and modularized factory, if you have to spend hours to build the same modules over and over again?
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Yes please blueprint creation would be great. I hate making something that I really liked and would like to recreate it somewhere else but, know that I won't get it quite right. Either I will forget how I did something or I'll forget a piece that made it work correctly, or worst part. I don't want to have to spend hours trying to recreate it knowing I'll do one of the first two stated.
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I really want to play this game again but just thinking about repeating the same few steps to get my machines just the way the first in line is...fills me with so much dread I just play something else and keep waiting for this feature

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I agree.  Factorio has a similar blueprint feature.
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It's a great productivity enhancing feature for personal use, but also lets the community share inventive layouts. Would be awesome to have something like this in Satisfactory.
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There is a mod now which addresses this issue: Area Actions

So far it allows you to select certain parts of your factory by placing virtual markers in the world, then you can copy the selected area and paste it somewhere else. You can also completely dismantle the selected area and there are some other convenience features.

However, you can't store blueprints for later use (just copy/paste for now) and you can't paste everything yet (e.g. belts and wire connections are currently not supported), but its a great improvement already, compared to placing everything by hand.

Anyway, huge kudos to mircearoata, this is great work!

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