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As best as I know, you can't get rid of the rocks littering the map, but if you use a chainsaw on a bush next to the rock, it will take the rock out and give you limestone.
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It seems to me that the chainsaw destroys multiple trees, bushes and rocks around you when you use it on one tree.
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Though i abuse this chainsaw to make the clutter look cleaner i find that instead of them fixing this bug and preventing it from destroying rocks they just went around fixing the bug and say heck just give them some lime stone and call it a day!

At least if there going to go as fare as say this thing can break rock, let us go to a rock and chainsaw that to. add in the description or something this thing teeth so wrong it can even clear small rock clutter.
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I just cleared out a field with smaller brushes and saw this happening at least 5-6 times. The smaller rock needs to be close to the bush, and I also saw I got a small amount of Limestone in my inventory.

I don't mind this function, as it saves on explosives.

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I think this idea. Beef up the teeth on the saw and let it mine ore at x2 speed. maybe up the fuel use
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Maybe make it researchable (chainsaw beef-up?). Maybe not idk. I'm pretty sure you wont need chainsaw later in the game other then clearing space.
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