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In my factory, this, by far, is the biggest bottle neck.  I would ask for a simple change.  Double the crafting speed and half the screw cost (after the doubled speed, as in, 10 per min costs half as many screws as the current 5 per min).

A lot of things depend on these and on the things built from them.  Even the above suggestion might not be enough of a fix.
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Good Afternoon,

I honestly don't think you're supposed to use the regular recipe for hardened plates once you hit mid-game. There are currently two alternate recipes for hardened plates: Stitched Iron Plate and Alt: Reinforced Iron Plate. I have created a list at the bottom of how all 3 recipes stack up against each other.

(All values are in Items Per Minute)

                                              Plates  |  Second Item  |  Out
Reinforced Iron Plate:       20                 120                5
Stitched Iron Plate:            15                  75                7.5
Alt: Reinforced Plate:        25                  60                7.5
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Well since you spoiled that might as well say that Stitched Iron Plates use Copper Wire for the second item and the other still uses screws.

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Go look for pods and use the M.A.M. on the hard drives you get from them. They give you alternative recipes; Reinforced iron plates has two different alternative recipes.
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