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I've tried to transport mixed stuff on one belt and sort it out on output using smart splitters, but even if one of the outlets gets full/stuck, all your line upstream will stop.

It would be useful to have dumpsters which would destroy any component sent (free or for some energy back). Then by connecting a part of your outlet to this dumpster, you would be able to use your mixed/smartline - all excessive items will just burn...

Also may be this can be a setting for containers - like dump items once full

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One of the first things ADA says during the beginning sequence while having you deconstruct your drop pod, "We do not waste." A dumpster to just destroy resources would go against Ficsyt philosophy and economic practices.
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Well. For RP, this may be sent to space, converted to energy (like its done for coal/fuel for ex).
Also manual destruction is allowed somehow?

But practically when we build production chains, we need an outlet. Or everything will overflow/smart logic won't work etc.
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Hmm.... there could be a special input in the space elevator that does this. Once it hits a certain threshold of items, like say 1000 items, regardless of what they are, the elevator launches and returns in 10 minutes. No inventory to access, just a black hole that eats everything that gets put into it. Anything that goes in through that input is irretrievable and so is essentially destroyed as far as the player is concerned, but it would be like the items are being sent up to the space station to assist with construction.
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But maybe a dumpster is useful for the upcoming nuclear waste.
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