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Would be great if we could set filters on our inventory slots so that only specific items can go into them.  An example of how this would work.  You right click an empty slot, select Iron Rod from the item selection.  The Iron Rod shows up in the slot, with a lighter color indicating that the filter has been set.  Only Iron Rods can go into this slot, and this slot fills up first.  To clear a filter, right click filtered slot (that is empty of items) and select "Reset".  This would be amazing if it was implemented not only for the player slots, but also for the vehicles, vehicle stations, et. al.
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Nice idea!
It would be very helpful and time-saving
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This would be perfect! Especially if you're setting up Truck routes - You can designate specific slots to carry certain cargoes such as additional fuel, building supplies, or other important materials that are always in demand!

Implementation Idea #1:
Also - probably easier to place an item into the slot first, then right click on the occupied slot to designate it. (Although you need at least one of the item to begin with, you don't have to sort through entire item lists.)

Implementation Idea #2
Right click an empty slot, then filter the required items by Tiers.
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