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My friend died and then got a disconnect now there is a clone of him which I can revieve. But now he can't play anymore he got a very big delay when he interact with anything. Also he automatically select the debuild weapon (F) when he interacts e.g. with a container. And when he leaves the game he still standing there like he is online, his Marker is in his color and his name is over his head. Not like the other players which are offline (white Marker, no name). Is there anyway to fix that?
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Same here. Had the issue of not being able to interact with anything or open any menus besides the main menu for a short while before trying to re spawn to fix it.  After the respawn (and every time after) I leave behind a clone of myself and have to relog to spawn in as a new version of me.

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Best way is load save where he wasnt dead. Other i guess not atm
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Well we tried a few things, so he is dead in all savegames :/
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