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1. Production Screen 
I build so many supercomputer why not use it :D to see your production.
See how many parts you produce per minute of every product and the %
If I have 3 steel productions I see the overall production 90/min (3x30) not sure if they make 30 but lets say 

and 100% if all 3 run at 100% and maybe mods as well 0/12 - If not automaticly you could give us a screen to fill it out ourselves because we need to check it anyway at the moment (choose a product and fill it in - instead of pen and paper :

2. Alien Waves 
with champions and bosses, turret towers and walls:
My friends and I love what you did but enemy waves would would add a goal.
You could say they go for  the hub and ignore the rest and there has to be a way to it - like a tower defence. If you build in the sky  and there is no land way to your hub you cannot call the next wave. There is a button in the hub  to call for next wave and this could even be a a way to get to new tiers. (boss at the end of wave drops raw materials for next tier and blueprints for better weapons and armor – random drops  and different quality with more dmg and harder to build) You could build many different tower types because you have so many different products to use.The wildlife is too easy…

3. More Armor More Weapons 
4. Lights
5. More Vehicle 

Airship and fast buggy like in Halo just with 4 seats or Ironman armor later in higher tiers with flying

6. Greenhouse  And Auto-farming Mashines

7. Waterpumps
add water to raw materials for weapons, towers, greenhouse or energy later on (maybe steam as well)

8. Stackable Separator
A separator which is stackable above each other in the productionsladders  – if you have maybe 4 productionlines above each other and use a separator on each line you have to set them from left to right next to each other you cannot put all in one line vertically

9. Performance Boost:
I build a city with many production buildings behind each other and many mk4 bands over each other so one line for each product and at the end there is my first stock where everything comes together before going into adavnced productions for computer and supercomputer. So I have 18 lines over each other and you can feel it :D the lag is coming. Maybe you can add an option to stop visual moving objects. It is nice to see but I do not need to see everthing moving.It is enough to know the band is running - For the other players it is even worse when they join…
For the beginning it is very nice but later if you build huge productions there should be an option to deactivate or reduce it. My Friends left the game because of the lag.

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