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soo what I find abit op is that
- MK1 Convayer belts : 1 iron plate
- MK2 Convayer belts : 1 Reinforced iron plate
- MK3 Convayer belt : 1 steel plate

reason I find this op is due to steel once u have a foundry its really simple to make and each time u make steel u get 2 steel ingots which means that's 1 steel plate meaning a mk3 belt u can make soo its abit too op and I was wondering if u can make it to like Reinforced Steel plates instead to make it abit less op and harder to get like the Mk4 belts

Thank you!!
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Nah, they just need to make the mk.2 easier.

As dave said, it's not that the mk.3 is too easy it's the mk.2 is too hard, which is a balance issue between the reinforced plates and other materials. But honestly though, reinforced plates are pretty easy really, just some iron plates that really make at a high rate, and some screws, or, if you find the alternate, some plates and some copper wire, which, at that level, you rarely use.

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1. I made a post about this a few days ago. It definitely is easier to make the Mk. 3 belts than Mk. 2 and that's a balance problem between the Reinforced Iron Plates and Steel Beams. The Reinforced Iron Plates need to be easier and cheaper to produce.

2. It's 3 steel ingots per steel beam, not 2. So without any alternate recipes, 3 smelters running simultaneously will output enough steel to make two steel beams, which is two Mk. 3 belts per cycle.
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