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Would be cool if we could generate steam power to get electricity as a alternative to coal power there for giving the option for people to have Eco-Friendly power you would still need coal as a way to make plastic but people may prefer to make electricty via water source
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You mean like the steam vents that provide geothermal energy. And they provide more energy than oil power plants.
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They have a geothermic generator that can be unlocked when you learn how to make super computers and place one into the M.A.M
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and fuel generators since they produce 200 mws of power

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Why steam , why not true water power? , we have massive waterfalls in game, so you have the possibility of advanced water turbines running from the current near the edge of the falls.
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Not sure but ECO FRIENDLY ? Did u miss the goal of FICSIT ? We are here to Mine this planet Empty, dont think they care about pollution or other things ;)
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Yeah but the option should still be available also if i  am living there I want to live my way
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