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Would be nice to be able to attach together multiple buildings and be able to programm their input/output behaviour.


I have Container with 50x Steel Beam in it. If the Steel Beam get under a limit of 50, Splitter/Merger will let items go thru the Splitter/Merger in to the Container.

You can setup your storage for "personal use" and automatic sorting system. You will be able to sort items from one Container to every position for each item and if the item goes below limit, it will automatically add them thru your Factory system.

Sorry for my explanation. I really don't know, how to explain it in better way frown

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I get the explanation, no worries about that. But, honestly, if you simply have your machine outputting into a storage of it's own then you'll never get below a certain number as it's outputting directly into storage, sure it means 5 storage for 5 items, but then it also means your storage is always full. :)
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Oh nice, somebody can understand me :D
What you are writing is true, but the reason of this is combination of storage, where will be sorting system from one Container to the others and if there is not enough of certain item, it will be added from the factory.
Without option of setting up the number of items, it can be filled from factory and the sorting system will get stuck, because Containers will be full
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True enough, but only if you don't separate out your conveyors properly, have each item on its own conveyor and a separate storage for each item, the only things that will ever get stuck is the item that's full, everything else will keep going.
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Yes, that's right, but still. Without this option it can get stuck and it would be nice, to be able to do it without possibility of stuck.
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That's the point though, with proper separation of output nothing will ever get stuck. Things might get full, but nothing will get stuck.
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