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It could be nice, if storage containers have something like display on them, where can be displayed, what items are inside.
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I think a scrolling-LED-style marquee could look nicer than a UI menu and fit the aesthetic. You could set the words which scroll past the same way you do with the beacon interface.
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I'd be happy with one ICON that represents the majority item contained in a container. Let's be honest, rarely do you use a container as a multiple storage bin. It is most likely one in a chain of bins storing one material, so I really only care about what is the maximum usage of this container at this time.
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I like the idea.  I was thinking if they could have it display the item of choice for that container. Like some kind of screen would appear as the player approaches the container. The player would need to select what item that would be displayed.   Would have to limit it to a certain radius though so you are not getting bombarded by displays.

This also could be added as some kind of upgrade as a separate container.
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I think it would be good in a MK3↑ Storage Containers

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Placing a short piece of belt on the output will queue up the items to provide a sort of in-game display. While it doesn't display the entirety of the inventory it can be useful to visually tell what items are in each container until a more thorough system is implemented:

Credit: reddit.com/u/SobeOneX

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This is super smart, never thought of that!
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ive seen that before but id still like a screen or something that tells you whats in it, also if it could tally up the total, so you dont have to guess everytime you adding up 5000 copper (for ex) for the space ele.
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I think it's a bad idea on actual containers but it would be a great one for a new type of container: a smart container with screens displaying its content, for ex.

Another idea would be to be able to craft stickers.
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So all I do is press F and it tells me exactly whats in the container
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