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I've been using ramps as a way to add railings to the bridges that I'm building. I really like the effect, but with sloped bridges, the current ramp offering just does not allow for a good looking build.

It would be nice to have the following Walkways:

  • Ramp with railing on only one side
  • Ramp without railing
  • Ramp matching the half slope of foundations
  • Ramp matching the half slope of foundation with railing on only one side
  • Ramp matching the half slope of foundations without railings
  • Ramp with railing on 3 sides (dead end / end cap).

In addition, it would also be nice to have the following foundation:

  • Inverted Ramps (Top is flat, bottom is slopped)
  • Half width foundations
  • Foundation with hole for conveyor in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6x variants. 
    • The 4 should have one hole in each corner
    • The 6 X should have 2 series on 3 holes aligned on oposite sides of the foundation.
    • The 1x should have at least 3 variants, one with a hole centered on one side, and one with a hole in one of the corner and one fully centered in middle of the foundation.
    • The 2x and 3x should have at least 2 variants, both matching the alignment of conveyor walls on the X axis. The first one would be centered with the middle of the foundation on the Y axis, with the other being close to the edge of the foundation
    • Other variants are welcomed.
  • Corner pieces for ramps
  • Triangular foundations (60 degree angles would work well and would mean that walls would not need to be edited for this to work).

New type of foundation or walkway

  • Grate texture, so that you can see what is underneath. Would be a great way to show some of those conveyor system some of us have running under the factory floor.

And while walkways are a nice way to add railings, proper railings which can be snapped to foundations would be nice. I would like something that has the crash barrier feel, something a lot more massive, meant to stop a truck from going down in the abyss.

As far as Walkways go, Trollsamaa's comment makes me think that separating the railing from the walkways and just being able to snap them as need be might be a better solution then creating several new walkways. At the very least, it would be more modular.

Edit: Added other popular suggestions to the list.

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just for looks would like to have an end cap (piece of the walkway with three railings) to make it look nicer if you are making walkways over to something and don't want to have to worry about falling off or what not.   also, a 3-way ramp would be cool
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+1 for the add railings to foundations sides... you only can add WALLS..

Different textures for walkways, hate the "square" block
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honestly I would be happy with just having a peaceable railing (like a wall) and sloped railing.
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And railings that can match up to other railings that were placed off grid. Like putting a walkway in the middle of a tile, transition that to a walkway on the side of a tile.

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I agree that we are missing some more stuff. I am pretty sure that some are planned. 

In earlier versions it was possible to research somersloop and mercerspere. It said somersloop is for more buildings and mercer for decoration.

For now you will have to live with work arounds. There is a way to do some nice looking railings. Here some screens

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As far as I'm concerned, it's not as much a question of needing them as it is a question of trying to make things believable.
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I figured out yesterday, just before going to sleep what those railing looking things really are. What a neat idea to use doors for that purpose. The thing is, that after trying it out, is just doesn't quite work out for what I'm doing.
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I must say it is kinda tricky to get them on the desired height.
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Indeed. Despite how neat the idea is, I gave up on it. I know how to line up foundations so well that it's basically impossible to tell that they aren't on the same grid, but that really doesn't help me much since the I still have to find ground at the right height in order to create those kind of railings.
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The new update with the 1x8 foundations make it really easy to use the gates as barriers. That idea is now very practical and easy to implement.
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