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You guys mentioned in one of your live streams that there is an underlying story that gives you some background about what is going on. Can you develop more on that? There are items in the game that, unless you know that you have to get a certain something, It'll drive you crazy just trying to figure out what you have to look for to get specific ingredients. An example of this in the gas mask. There is nothing in the game to let you know that Mycelia is required to make paper to make gas mask filters, gas masks, and the medical inhaler. Everything else is easy to determine because you stumble across it. You gather stones and other hard materials, process them, and discover that you can make machines and other products. You pick up leaves for fuel and discover that there are more efficient way to use leaves (and other stuff) as fuel. All this material is sent back to Ficsit, which unlock more stuff for you to utilize more resources. As for just exploring more of the world to get stuff, the way the game works, you want the most wide open space to begin with. You then create your factory and continue gathering material from the immediate area. As such, going into the jungle area just to find a weird plant isn't going to be something that's on the forefront of any player's mind. So, can you give something that sort of nudges the player to want to go out and look for specimens to report back to Ficsit about? That would make it easier to find and build some items (especially for those players who are about the 100% completion.

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I HIGHLY disagree. The most fun part is to find out these things. Exploring analysing what u find is one of the best aspects of this great game
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I'll agree that exploring can be part of the game. Like exploring to find where the oil is. But, if the Wiki didn't exist, I'd still be trying to figure out how to get Mycelia.
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I guess its how you play games. Me for my part i found out myself. Even the caterium research i found out myself. Dont want the game to become too easy
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