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My brother and I have been playing on the same game since early access launched. Today (On april 2nd), after update v0.102, we've been unable to play as usual.

I hosted the game, and when he joined, all of sudden, he couldn't see what was inside his inventory. If he picked something up from a chest/storage, the items were invisible. He could still drag them if he knew were they went. When he then tried to store all, everything showed up again, but of course in the chest. He even noticed that his blade runners weren't working anymore. He then tried to respawn, which resulted in him begin stuck on deconstruction (F). He now couldn't interact with anything anymore (E), because he was stuck on (F). After a few minutes of different attempts for a solution, we tried to change host. He got the save file and then hosted the game. He could now open chests again and pick things up. He could even interact with his own corpse. The problem now was that I got all the same problems.
I don't know if it is because of how far we are in game time, or how much we've build. All we know is that this occurred after recent patch, and now we can't play multiplayer as intended.
Thank you after all.
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This problem began from myself and my friend today as well
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My brother and I have the same problems, now we can not continue playing together and we will have to wait until the next update. Hopefully it will be corrected soon
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Same problem here, if I join the game my friend hosts it needs quite a long time now to load the game/graphics and then i'm not able to do anything.....building,interacting,etc.
Sometimes I just can't oben the build menu or destruct things....all restarting, respawning attempts didn't help....we couldn't find any solution...pls fix this

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My friend and I have the same problem. Hope they fix this problem soon.
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My brother and I were having this issue. We seem to have resolved it by disabling 'Send Gameplay Data' in the settings and setting Network Quality to 'Ultra'.

Hope this helps anyone else with the same issue!
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