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When i try to dismantle a geothermal generator the game just crash
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I can confirm this. I needed the power port on the other side and tried two times. Game crashes every time
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Thanks for the report, we'll look into it.

One question that might help us though: where on the map were you cause this might be an issue with a specific location?

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I try on 3 differents geyser and the game still crash, i give you coordonates

Game engine Coordonates:

I got coordonates on HTTPS://satisfactory-map.com
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I had the crashes in the area of the 2nd Starting Point the Desert with the blue palm trees (west of the map). There is an area near the mountains with 2 geothermal geysers on a plateau. The right one created crashes after destruction attempts.

BTW: There is a geothermal spot on the other side of the map. Far North east. The only field with 3 geysers. One of them always reports terrain issues and denied placement of the Geothermal Plant I tried all angles two times it cannot be placed there.

I visited all other Geothermal Spots on the map besides the removal crash and the unusable spot all others seems to work.
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Is there a way to see coords ingame or get them? I already checked the scanner, but it's nowhere to be seen. Might be helpful now and than if we could be able to see our current coords so that we can tell others.
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You can get coordonates on https://satisfactory-map.com/

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revalidate your instalation, it fixed some weird crashing problems for me
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geothermal is an item on the limits of EA e.g. you cant do much to it once built. Guess there's bugs with these newest or not totally implemented items
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with all due respect, but this is really a comment and not an answer to the question/problem
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