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Hello, First off I love the game.

At this point, I have a Large main factory with 100+ hours in the game. The low FPS is nearly unplayable at this point. Even when I am far far away from any buildings 1 km + and do not even see them I get less than 25 FPS and often terrible frame drops.

In my base, I get about 16 FPS.

When I load a new game and go to the same areas I get 100+ FPS.

I understand the more buildings and belts I have in my game the lower my FPS will get but when I am over 1 kilometer away why is that still affecting my FPS? My CPU runs at 40% and my GPU usage is only at 33%.

Any advice is welcome on why I would only see 33% GPU usage.

As for multiplayer: The FPS and Multiplayer lag (it is on ULTRA on the Host and Clients) makes it unplayable at this scale. Our base is large but not insane we have 2 factory super computers going that gives you an idea of the scale.

The delay in multiplayer is drastically improved when far away from the main base but the FPS is bad on the clients that connect to the host as well. We have also tried to host it somewhere else and we have the same experiences.

I appreciate all the hard work that has been put into this game and with everyone's constructive feedback this game will be topnotch!

Much thanks, Waldhar.
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I am having similar issues. The more I play the worse it is getting.

Something seems to have an impact on the utilization of the GPU and CPU later in the game.
And at a first glance it does not seem to be the CPU that restricts the GPU for me.

Newly started game (early access): https://i.imgur.com/ogBXOnB.jpg
- GPU utilization at around 95-98%
- CPU utilization at around 35-40% (way higher than in the game that I played a lot of hours, see below)
- FPS at around 140 to 160

Around 145h-200h play time game (early access): https://i.imgur.com/WGv16PS.jpg
- GPU utilization usually does not go higher than 60%
- CPU utilization usually does not go higher than 30%
- FPS does not go higher than 63-64

Around 200h play time game (experimental)
- GPU utilization usually does not go higher than 60%
- CPU utilization usually does not go higher than 30%
- FPS does not go higher than 55

CPU: i7-8700K
GPU: RTX 2080 Ti
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DUDE! I would KILL for 55fps! I have new rtx 2080 and I’m getting 22fps, less than 16fps when in any size factory. 180hrs in. Please help, Ive not even begun to build final game/supercomputer stuff!
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Same situation for me, 50%GPU, 30%CPU but less than 30fps, whaterever graphic options (full low options or full ultra)

CPU: i7-4790K
GPU: GGTX 1080
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I just put a vote on this.

Intel® Core™ i7 6700HQ -processor
16 Gb DDR4 2133 MHz SDRAM
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX980M
HDD: SDD (Samsung SSD 850 EVO - 512Gb and 1Tb)
Windows 10

Stars off pretty good, cant remeber frames but above 100+
Now im, like the rest, at 100-200 game hours and it kills the game.

I dropped to 1280x720 , settings on low and i still only gets around 15-25fps
AND sometimes it "lag-stutters" (like all freezes and then 0.5s after it all moves again)

Im at T7 and just build trains, was on my way to go Nuke power but i almost cant play this anymore...

Yes ofcouse i have a lot of convoy belts :D
... but i havent "boxed" anything in but def on my to-do-try-next list to see if it helps.

I really hope they do something about this.
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Well i tried to box almost everything in with walls and concrete and... it helped me a bit. First i got up to around 40-50fps (with same setup as above, 1280x720 etc) - Then i ... ehem... builded a bit... ok... some... a lot more :)
aaaand keept boxing in..... now im down to ~25fps

So my conclusion - it helps boxing stuff in but ... i really hope they can tweak the performance otherwise 200h+ is gonna get unplay-able at 1.0 release :)

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Same here tested on every Settings but no FPS problems only the Multiplayer Thing

Hosted on I7-7700k 5GHZ 32GB DDR4 Ram and a GTX 970 SC with 20MBit/s Upload.

Tried to host somewhere else but same or bad results.
Vai me desculpar mas eu tenho uma GeFoce Zotac  970 aimp e dá  sim queda de FPS. Hospedado em i7 8700, 16GB de ram,  M2 240GB.
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Read this so you can understand the size and the scope of the problem. They're working on it and they'll hopefully make multiplayer better soon.

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It sounds like the game is being CPU bottlenecked. It probably shows 30-40% because it's multithreading is pretty minimal. Even if it doesn't show a specific core at 100%, that's likely because the core being used to run it is constantly changing but it's still only able to effectively use one core at a time. Some applications I've noticed tend to stay on and fully utilize a single core showing that core at 100%, other I've noticed jump around and it looks like all of your cores are being utilized at a lower percentage, but it's actually just one application/thread constantly jumping cores.

So early on, the CPU isn't bottlenecked and everything runs fine. Your GPU gets fully utilized. As the game continues, the CPU is getting hit progressively harder until the CPU can't keep up. The CPU isn't able to feed data to the GPU fast enough and the GPU starts getting underutilized.

Edit: I don't really know what might be causing the network issues, but it's important to note that setting the network to ULTRA is only useful if you have the bandwidth available and a low enough latency, which is unlikely unless you're all located in the same building on the same LAN. If you're in different locations playing over the internet, you may actually get better performance by dropping the network down so the game can properly throttle it's own traffic rather than trying to send more data than can actually make it through.
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