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I am on the grass map, I was up to making the coal generators and I decided to build a small platform that would house 5 of them, I placed two and then the game crashed, I reloaded and it crashed every time after that, I made a new game and build in a new place, I decided to build a large area of foundations 7 by 9 and it crashed when I build a second floor, it has crashed every time I walk at least 2 m when I load in, I can no longer do anything without it crashing. I have a Asus prime 450 plus motherboard , AMD RX 570 GPU, Ryzen 5 2600 6 core CPU and 8gb of ram, both a soft drive and hard drive I have tried installing the game on, no change, what do I do ? I can't get past building anything over 90 platforms on the map.

I have sent over 30 reports Everytime it crashes, I cant play the game anymore , please help.
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We have never seen this issue ourself (and belive me, we have built tons of foundations ;)). Can you send me your savegame (They can be found at %appdata%\..\Local\FactoryGame\Saved\SaveGames), then we can reproduce the issue and fix the crash.
You can send the savegame to me on discord MarkusRannare @ any of our discord channels or mail it to markus@coffeestain.se

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Place 89 of them instead
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Not really good answer..
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