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One REALLY annoying thing at the moment :- Even if you have a gasmask equipped, when you're inside the Truck you die from poison Gas!!!

Suggestion:  Give vehicles an upgrade slot similar to our suit utility slot.

Items that could be built into the game as a result of this could be:

  •  Air Filtration system - Researchable after unlocking the Gasmask, Building this research into Tier 7. This means you don't die from gas clouds while inside the vehicle. (Truck & Trains only, for the exposed Tractor & Explorer your personal gasmask should work while driving)
  •  Passenger Seat - Tier 5/6 upgrade, Great for multiplayer so you're friends can come too! (Multiplayer only) This is Boarded by holding down the interact key for 2 seconds when at the vehicle.
  •  "Racer Chassis" - Using the existing (yet to be unlocked) Turbo motors item & Aluminium Tier research / items to make your vehicles 25% faster at the expense of 20% vehicle hitpoints. (ALL vehicles except Trains)
  •  Basic Automatic Weapons systems - A Fairly low damage auto-turret that can be used for combat assistance.  This should be able to take care of basic low-level enemies by itself but will struggle with harder "wildlife" targets. The player would have the ability to enable or disable these systems using a hotkey from inside the vehicle. (All vehicles, all gamemodes)
  • Advanced Automatic Weapons System - (Singleplayer only) A higher tier upgrade that does a bit more damage, cannot be fitted to tractors, and this version is only available in singleplayer because of...
  • Passenger Tactical Combat Seat - Like the above suggestion but multiplayer ONLY and no automatic defence A.I. system, As a result this would do slightly more damage than the Advanced automatic system & must be controlled manually by a friend in the vehicle.  This would be a Higher tier unlock after full research of the "Passenger Seat" and "Basic Automatic Weapons System" has been completed. (NOT available for Tractors.)   This is Boarded by holding down the interact key for 2 seconds when at the vehicle.
  •  Additional Cargo Racks - Increases the carrying capacity of the vehicle by 20% but reduces it's speed by 25% and increases fuel consumption by 10% (because it's heavier).  If unequipped while the vehicle is full items will be passed to the players inventory if there is space, or dropped in a box at the current location. (ALL Vehicles except Trains)
  • Aluminium Cargo Racks - As above but using lightweight aluminium tier items which gives a 40% carrying capacity boost & 25% speed reduction / 10% increase in fuel consumption (ALL Vehicles except Trains, Additional racks is a research pre-requisite)
  •  Shielded Cargo Racks - 25% reduction in carrying capacity however does not leak Radiation - For specialized Uranium transport. (Truck, Tractor & Trains only, Aluminium Cargo racks and Uranium tier items are a research pre-requisite)


This system would allow vehicles to be tailored at late-game levels to their specific tasks, be-it automatic haulage, Fun / Racing, exploration or Higher level combat.

These upgrades could be interchangeable from the vehicle inventory, OR only interchangeable at a Truck station if Devs wish to restrict hot-swapping while out in the world.

Vehicles would continue to consume fuel at 25% rate for Basic, and 50% rate for Advanced while parked if weapons systems are left enabled by the driver when they leave the vehicle, and at 50% rate if a friend is occupying the Tactical combat Seat while no driver is present.

Please note that, if activated, use of the weapon systems would cause "wildlife" to aggro & attack the vehicle if that is the only thing attacking it. This would mean a vehicle repair system would also need to be implemented but I won't cover that here.

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One last idea to Add:

Jump Thrusters  - Explorer ONLY, gives vertical thrust in exactly the same functionality as the Jetpack. (Consumes fuel from it's inventory at 1.5x the rate of the personal jetpack, and only refills when vehicle is on the ground). This would allow the explorer buggy to make extended jumps or soften landings from heights, but NOT fly around the map.
Jetpack research is a pre-requisite.

(If anyone has played Elite Dangerous, think similar to the planetary SRV thrusters)
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i like the idea of a air filtered vehicle i myself find it annoying that you get hurt from gas while in vehicle
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There is just one problem with the "Advanced Automatic Weapons System"

Is it considered a single player session if you have your buddies spawned in but not connected?

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Really nice post. Vote up to make it happen. I like the ideas.
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Lots of nice ideas. We need more stuff to spend our ressources. My chests are full!
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It would be awesome to see some of this in the upcoming Update #3 don't ya think?.  I haven't played for a little while, but will definitely be jumping back in as soon as we find out when it's deploying smiley

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