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Hard one to explain so I made a 2 minute video showcasing the bug here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBRh7PqUTJc&feature=youtu.be

There's a resource node that I cannot use after removing a miner (mk1) from it and when looking at this node with the dismantle tool the game crashes. I've sent info via the feedback page in the ESC menu as well but after tweeting, Snutt told me to post it here too.


  1. Remove Miner Mk.1 from node
  2. Attempt to replace with another miner - does not recognise the resource node as something I can put a miner on
  3. Get out dismantle tool 
  4. Look at or near bugged resource node
  5. Game crashes

Hope this might help the team in some way. If necessary I can send the save file.

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Great bug report. Thats how i like them ;) Hope someone can help u on this one
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Chuckle @ 1:43
Great initiative making vid+commentary. Did you try and put a foundation over the node, then the miner on top of it?
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I had the same issue, Placing foundations did not help. I still got the message " Needs to be placed on a resource node."

If you scan the area the C function still recognized the node, however you cannot interact with MK auto miners. Manually mining and basic miners still extract mineral.
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