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I really enjoy tractors for transfering a lot of items from 1 factory to the other. However I find that everytime I deploy my tractor I have to re-record a new pathway. It would be handy to let the pathway stay independant as is without needing the tractor to exist.

So that I would only have to deploy the tractor and that it starts going on that independant pathway as soon as I fuel it. As a side node this would make it really useful for big batches of itmes to be transfered with multiple tractors going on the same path.

I'd suggest.. make it so that there is a distance meter on the pathway to make the tractors halt their course if it comes closer then a certain distance to another tractor on the same pathway. this would avoid collisions when tractors are loading or unloading. Perhaps even give us the option to set our own distances between the tractors on the same pathway..
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It will probably will get some more tweaks. Lets just give em time
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Feel the same way. I know they probably going to tweek a lot of the transport stuff but that is a valid suggestion imo
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