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We should be able to put a device - much smaller than a splitter/merger - onto a belt and allow us to enter a custom things/min speed. Only that amount of items will be able to get through the gate each minute (to say 3 dp) - no matter what the underlying belt's speed is.

This would help immensely with load balancing when recipes have odd requirements. Yeah i realise that so long as you're providing the correct amount of inputs into a system it will eventually balance itself but sometimes the takes a huge amount of time to reach equilibrium.
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I like this idea. I though about something like that when I had to modify my setup to have some iron ore for steel production. That would be a great implementation. Maybe allow upgraded belt to do retroactive speed? Not sure that is how I should say it like this but i.e. one MK3 belt could also be setup to have MK2 or MK1 speeds.

What I though about on my side was to have splitter be able to program to have the split i.e 2:2:1 or 3:1:2.

So one splitter could feed let's say 2 iron ore to my first smelter, then 2 iron ore to my second smelter and 3 iron ore to my foundry before starting the cycle again.

Not sure this may be included with smart splitters. I have yet to unlock them.
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