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I think it would be quite convenient if you could see a circle showing the Power Line range around a Power Pole or Machine. This would be shown only on a Power Pole or machine that you are using a Power Line on.

This would especially be practical when building long range power lines so that you don't need to try around to get the farthest possible range.

A similar feature could be added to belts, however curving belts could cause problems here.

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If you're "making long range lines" doesn't that suggest you're going in the direction you're planting your line in so the "wire too long" message when moving out is a perfect example of exactly how far you can take it. I mean, if you've already got a line connected to the pole and you're wanting to place it as far out as you can you're gonna need to move to the far distance anyway, no?
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Yes, but personally I always find it annoying to have to the power pole back after you see the "Wire too long" pop up. I always want to get as close to the perfect distance as possible so I slowly move back to place the pole at exactly the place where the message disappears. This would not be necessary if I could just see the range because then I would only need to place the pole at the edge of the circle that I can see. It's a small improvement but I think it would make it less tedious.
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Hmm, maybe it's just me but it's the insubstantial suggestions like this that actually kinda annoy me. Think about it like this, if they take all of the "it's only a little thing but..." suggestions and add every last one of them into the game, it would practically play itself.

It's only a tiny little thing, it's not like it'll break the game or cause you to die horrifically if it's not in, so I say what's the point? Granted, *some* of the little changes people have suggested even sound good to me, but stuff like this, to me, seems so insubstantial that there's no point. I mean, think about it, unless you're looking down the whole way you're running the pole will disappear before you actually reach the site of "wire too long" so then you stop, aim down a little and it's probably within just a few feet of where you're standing anyway, as long as you're paying attention and don't keep running for ages after pole turns red/disappears.
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I might have exaggerated with the annoyance of placing long range power lines but I don't think that the game plays itself if the developers add a lot of quality of life features. In this case, I don't see the harm in adding a range visualisation, it's just convenience and doesn't remove from what makes the game fun: exploration and building factories.
However I understand that this might be a very small suggestion to make a post about and suggestions like this distract from the more important things that are posted on this forum.
I think in the future I won't make so tiny suggestions or put multiple in a bigger post.
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