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Geothermal power plants only produce 50 more MW than a fuel power plant, given their remote locations and limited numbers it doesn't seem to be really worth finding and adding them onto your power network, they need a significant bump to be worthwhile.

Currently the 3rd Caterium milestone seems a bit pointless. Geothermal doesn't add enough power, Mk3 poles are too expensive and we can't build programmable splitters yet.
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while its true they dont need any fuel to run wich makes them great, the limiters like number of avaliable geysers, distance and the small difference with fuel generations in terms of power specially taking into consideration the fact that the game has quit a bit oil sources inevitably leads to the feeling that they could use a lil boost
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Here's the thing: I can have seven fuel power plants, being fed from three refineries, off of a single oil pump/well. That, and even have enough overflow to fill extra storage containers. Call me crazy, but that sounds a heck of a lot more efficient for hunting down a resource in an obscure corner of the map.
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@piratetrue enough, but while they're in a fantasy setting I believe they are also trying to keep things fairly grounded, and if you think of other natural resource generators, they actually suck in comparison to fuel based ones, and while sure, could do with a few extra geysers maybe, I think the balance is pretty good as is.

@bale, if its a pure oil node you only need 1 refinery per 5.6 generators and you can fuel 4 refineries from one pure node, which means one pure node will fully fuel 12 power plants. Cut those numbers in half for a normal one, ofc. And that's without over clocking. I can show you the math if you like.

But yes, in terms of raw efficiency, fuel based generators are better, especially with the lack of geysers in the map, but that's exactly the point, this is free power, it's not meant to be the main draw for your factory, it's only designed as a boost anyway. And sure some people will be too far from them for their main base to make any use of them, but in my opinion this game is designed for you to make multiple bases, (use beacons if you can't remember where you left them, that's what I did) outputting resources and then have them shipped back to the main hub, hence the train that's in its way soon. And through the course of making these extra bases at least one should be within range of some free power geysers.
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3km converyor belts for the win :D
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Well, yea, that is another valid method. :-)

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i would love to see some boost there nothing too crazy but at least 400 MW would be nice due to their limited ammount and farlocations
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I think they are a nice extra power supply, because you don't have to feed them. They simply produce power to your network.
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i agree, they should be buffed, or be unlocked in a lower technology tier.
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