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Put simply, if I'm feeding iron ore into a smelter, there's a good chance that I want it to be producing iron ingot. In the same vein of logic, pretty much the only thing you can produce with copper ingots is wire. Past the tutorial phase of the game, it would be nice if machines could intelligently choose a recipe on their own based on what is being fed into them if they don't have any recipe set.
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Alternate recipes can break this logic.
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Well, we could at least do this for smelters.  Alternate recipes would only break this if applied to constructors and what not.
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Not only will alternate recipes break this logic, you need to set the production before it will even input any items, so it doesn't just magically know what's on the belt until you set it for a recipe and then it scans the input to make sure it receives the right item. Not to mention that would only work for ore, limestone and copper ingots. There are 2 normal and many alternates that use iron ingots, not to mention the steel alternate uses iron ingot, not raw iron, Iron rods are used in about 3 different recipes, iron plates in at least 2 that I can think of, plus 1 alternate.... etc.

So you would have to be exceedingly lucky to not have to make an extra click to set the recipe you want. if it auto set iron bars and you wanted plates you would then have to click back to the recipe page, then set the one you want, as is it automatically starts on that page unless you have already set it.
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I don't think that it breaks this logic in any kind of way. Everything that I've listed in my post is something which only has one recipe as far as I know, and as implied by that fact, my suggestion applies specifically to cases where there is only one possible recipe.
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"Everything that [you] listed" was exactly two items. And in both cases have two uses. Though that is with two separate machines, but still you have to set up machines and program them before they will accept work, itvs hardly like you already have the machine connected to a supply line *before* it is placed. Not to mention it would be kinda pointless setting a an auto start rule for exactly two items in the game. Pretty sure it would take a decent amount of programming unnecessary "if" values into a bunch of stuff simply to save you from making two clicks to set up the intake on a very small and specific handful of machines.
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