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After equipping a stack of 5 parachutes by dragging them over after production, I make one jump, successfully using the parachute, and upon checking my inventory all 5 are gone, none are shown on my body or inventory, and the icon in the lower left corner is gone as well.
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If you open your inventory before touching down after a parachute jump, you can watch them quickly disappear from your equipped slot.

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You can unequip them before touching the ground and not spend any, which maybe counters this bug a bit :-)
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On the other hand, player 2 appears to never consume parachutes, and never needs to press spacebar to activate them.  You basically use them like in Zelda Breath of the Wild - freely, all the time.  It's wonderful.
I'm going to be a little upset if this gets "fixed".
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Well, it is nice and all that you made all the work to create this gif (including recording), but (just as a suggestion) don't you also think it would have been better if you would have used a size /resolution on which someone actually can see what is going on?
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So far, if your chute doesn't open and you hit the space bar a few times, it consumes them. Almost as if the opening mechanic isn't visual, and you can't tell that it's already engaged, but the game uses them up.

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Let's upvote this bug, Had the same problem and was about to post about it then I saw this post.
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I know this is late, but I have discovered if you equip 5 chutes, it will USE 5 chutes, but if you split the stack and only equip 1 and leave the rest in your inventory they will be safe.
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I'm not longer able to reproduce this in Early Access. Seems fixed.
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