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Dear FICSIT Managers, assistants and workers.

As we all know FICSIT inc greatly values productivity. Therefore I am shure that it would displease you immensely to know that deconstructing takes fairly long when you have to do it en masse.

I am deeply saddened to write you this message because it means that I have been working inefficiently the past 100hours.

However, as we say at FICSIT: "every problem requires an opposite solution"  Which means I have some ideas for betterment in the future (please do correct me if these are already in your Roadmap o holy FICSIT overlords)

1. Make us pay for deconstruction Upgrades. This will make you richer(more Valuable goods from us to you) and us happier.

2. Flat out increase baseline speed. Very difficult for you because you would have to remotely change the hardware and firmware of 1000s of Deconstruction tools.

3. Add new deconstruction Technologies to our accessable pool of research. Again, this will make you richer and us happier. However it would mean you would have to spend costly time and money on new technologies like Bulldozers, destruction-cranes, bombs (some good old easy destruction with that one), nukes etc.

I hope you will soon receive my letter and take these possibilities into Account and use them for further reference. Personally Number 1 would be my choice as it is easy, cheap and makes everyone happy without much work put into it.

Best of Regards:

The deconstruction manager of TuinTheo Base.

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Possibly allow us to "mark" what we want to deconstruct?  So once in deconstruct mode, clicking an item once will highlight it, clicking it a second time will deselect it.  Then have a confirm button we press to remove all selected items.  Selecting/Deselecting items could be instant, then the "confirm" part could take several ticks.
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+0.5 for idea, +0.5 for message format!
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