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I would like to suggest hotkeys as a means of selection in pretty much every dialog box where you have to select things from a list.

Since some of the lists can get long, I suggest using alphabetical hotkeys, not number keys.

I would apply this basically everywhere.

For example, when you interact with a building to select what you want it to make - hotkey! On a constructor that would be A for iron plates, B for rods, C for wires etc.

Standing at the craft bench? Hotkeys! A for iron ingot, B for plates, C for rods, D for copper ingot, etc. Allow us to hold the key down to craft instead of having to click the separate large crafting button. Same idea for the workbench.

If the lists are too long (more than 26 items), I suggest having the item at the top or top left of the list always start with A.

Additionally, I would show the letter for the hotkey in a corner of the selection icon.
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Agreed. I would love to see the build menu use something like Starcraft hotkeys.

To avoid duplication, you could even group break it down as organised on the menu; e.g. to build a Fuel Generator you would press
q -> opens build menu
p -> power
g -> generators
f -> fuel generator

that could be the easy default, but allow people to rebind the keys to a grid formation or something
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