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The thing that takes me the most time when building up an assembly line is aligning my splitters and mergers to the building input and output ports.

I know I could place the splitters/mergers on the foundation to enable snap to grid, but I typically elevate my input and output belts above the ground so that it's easier to walk around. Additionally, sometimes elevating belts is necessary to make room for other inputs and outputs.

I noticed that holding down the ctrl key will snap a new building to an alignment indicator. I suggest this same functionaly be made available when placing splitters and mergers on belts so that they snap to the alignment of input and output ports (prioritizing the one you are currently looking at!!), which otherwise have no snap-to alignment capability.
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Yes, please give us this! I need it for OCD reasons :P
Maybe don't make it snap on existing ports, but generally in the same steps as when placing directly on a foundation.
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As splitters/mergers can by now be stacked on top of each other what you can do is:
Don't start with the belts and add the splitters afterwards, but do it vice versa instead.

So if you want a splitter on a level above ground, first build one directly on the foundation, then build more splitters on top of that one until the desired height is reached. Afterwards, you can dismantle the auxiliary splitters and you have a splitter floating in the air. As soon as belts are added, it will look just like before, but now with guaranteed perfect alignment snapped to the grid.
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