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I have noticed that the Sun actually passes in front of what appears to be a moon, it would be cool if this changed so that the moon creates an eclipse when the sun is behind it. Unless its actually a planet on the other side of the sun in which case that is a very big planet.
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Considering this is a planet that is not known to us it could be anywhere and that just so happens to be the layout, maybe their sun is in front of their moon. It's not Earth.
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I love to take pictures of the sky. I still have to see that situation XD Thanks for sharing m8

I would think astronomical issues must pretty low in the devs priorities but, You're making a good point.

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(shoppy) My point is if it is a planet it would have to be absolutely massive in order to be seen on the other side of the sun, although that could make sense i suppose if the sun was a white dwarf or a neutron star since it would be much smaller and the habitable zone around it would be much closer.

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I believe it was mentioned it's a binary star system and I suspect it's actually the second star which is emitting a different spectrum and dimmer because of distance compared to the other star.
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That depends, they said in one of the recent updates that they "Made one of the planets circling the world slightly bigger" So there are planets circling the one we're on.
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I think the only type of stars that don't emit visible light (or any light) are black dwarfs which are in theory a white dwarf that has radiated all of its energy into space leaving it cold and lifeless. The problem with that is it would take billions if not trillions of years meaning this game would have to be set very, very far in the future.
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To be fair, we have no idea how old the universe actually is, so it doesn't necessarily have to be in the future, just an older part of the universe. And besides, it's a fantasyverse, they can have a low-light star if they want to. Though I'm pretty sure they're all planets in the games night sky.
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