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To start with, I believe this is a duplicate of:

I've done a bit of experimenting and I believe that when sections of the world are unloaded for performance reasons on account of distance, the mobs in those sections are unloaded... permanently. An example:

I am exploring using a sky-walkway. (This may or may not be relevant. Specifically, I have built new things in the area that I am about to walk away from.) I explored into a new area with a crash site. It is guarded by a green-spitting critter. The crash site is in the southeast section of the map. (Near the big leafy purple plants.) I went back to the forest area where my main base was (the third spawning option when creating a game) to collect more spiked rebar. When I returned, no critters remained to guard the crash site, so I just popped in to collect the hard drive.

I have repeated this several times, at several other points of interest, like crash sites or artefacts. I approach on a sky walkway, observe a critter, go very far away from the area, come back, observe that the creatures are gone. Likewise, since I've left my home area, there are absolutely no creatures anywhere near my factory.

I have not confirmed whether creatures disappear when I go far away if I do not build anything in the vicinity. 

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I believe this is intended, and not a bug.  My understanding is that if you kill the creatures and leave the area they will respawn.  But if you building something like a mine, they will not respawn.  That is now a safe area for you.
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I almost mentioned this possibility in my report. That's why I noted that I built a skyway in the report. (Previous reports do not list that detail.) Do you have confirmation that if you do not build in the area, they respawn? I have not performed that test.

Secondarily, it might be advisable to tune the "has built" flags to not include foundation or walkways. Skyways are an exploration tool and it seems strange to turn them into a combat tool by using them to despawn critters. (They could stand to be a bit more expensive, too, but that's a separate point. :) )
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Yes I have had a lot of critters respawn when I didn't build anything.
I don't think that 'combat' tool comes into it.  It is any building that shows your presence.
It was stated somewhere that although they wanted some alien combat they didn't want this to become a major part of the game.  I think the balance is about right,
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I think my reply is redundant (and a month late) but yes, the creatures despawn when you get far away.  And if you've built something there, they will not re-spawn.  Seems simple enough -- they don't want creatures respawning inside of your base and attacking you every time you play.  So the simple logic is that if you have built in the area, a creature won't spawn any longer.
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I actually saw one despawn in front of me. It was one of those bloated 4 legged creatures. I got ticked off at it walking all over my base and decided that I just wanted to see it dead, so I was chassing it around with my zeno zapper. It ran near one of those poison nests and just vanished out of thin air. No body, no shell, nothing at left at all of it's existence. Given the location where that happened, it might have fallen under the mesh. I've seen plenty of monster walk through poison without any consequence, so I don't have any reason to beleive that was it died to poison.

There was also a case where I saved in close proximity to one of those fire spitter, and reloaded the game after a bad fight. After I reloaded the game, I could hear it but could not see it. I eventually found it behind the mesh by peaking around with the camera.
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