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Incident report 284-RA-003

Ficsit Grassland

I was working late on 2019-04-04 around 03:30. While working on a spoffeh design circular one tile vertical stackable conveyor belt https://imgur.com/a/Ar86GTI with one tick space at the center and was at around 60th level high when I got tired and decided to go to sleep, for safety reasons.

I saved while on the stackable pole while aaaaallll the way up there, inside the one tick space in the center, engaged on this pole ladder you so conviniently equipped this awesome part with.

In the morning, all rested and restaured, equipped with a nice, hot and strong cup of turkish coffee XD I decided to resume work, started the game... then died.

It seems the character did not stayed "clipped" on the ladder during his "sleep"

I suggest the Blade Runner be equiped with a mendatory safety harness to avoid deadly falls upon resuming play.

Please advise.

cc: Level Feedback, Caterina Parks


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