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I'm experiencing a lot of rubberbanding and lag on the server side. It has nothing to do with the pc of my friend, who hosts the server or his internet connection. Both should be good enough. At the beginning of our session we had no difficulties, now we have gathered quite a lot of buildings and conveyor belts. After that the rubberbanding and the delays started only when we were far apart. But now with the continues growth of our buildings and etc. its getting worse. The game is now unplayable because of it.

I believe it could be the bandwith that causes the problem. My friend doesnt have any of these problems. I only have a 16k internet connection and the ressourcemonitor tells me that the game uses quite a lot of bandwidth.

It would be a pity if that is the problem becuase I enjoy the game a lot and I would like to continue playing it. Any help?

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We confirmed this - we had bad internet at the start causing several crashes. To test the ongoing rubberbanding we built a tower to ride the sky manta ray. In original host game the manta was ahead of the visual manta for those who joined and had crashed.

If they tried to jump on their manta they would just fall. If they jumped with me they could land the manta on the original host cycle even though they could not see it.
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But you had bad internet from the start. In my situation the problem came a bit into the game.

But I didn’t know you could ride the mantas. Thanks for telling me :)
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Hello, i had the same problem on the sever with my friends.

how i fixed it is go to options > gameplay > network quality (set to ultra)

this should fix your problem.
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Hi, we tried your settings already earlier and nothing changed. There was still another forum post about this problem .
I believe the problem lies in the bandwidth the game is able to use.
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