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When the Early Access Info screen is displayed, asking for 'Agree and Proceed'. Satisfactory becomes totally unresponsive. In order to kill Satisfactory I need to use the Task Manager. If I can get to it, Crtl Alt Del often takes me back to the Early Access screen which is frozen.

When I get the Task Manager, Satisfactory is shown as using 27% of CPU and 98% of GPU.

I am running on a i7-9700K 32GB with a RTX 2080 Graphics card.

Unable to investigate further at moment. When I have time, I shall next try reinstalling Satisfactory.

Okay, I have now been able to uninstall and reinstall Satisfactory. It made no difference. Program still hangs at the Early Access 'Agree and Proceed' screen. A long time ago I was a programmer and to me it looks like an infinite loop, that's my two pennies worth.

Looking forward to an early resolution of this problem.
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As there has been no response to my question, I have decided to add the results of my further observations. My initial problems started with version 94463.

Basically, the mouse is not mapped correctly to the screen. I have a picture and a video documenting this, but there does not appear to be a way of adding either of these.

My native screen resolution is 3440x1440. The initial screens, i.e. the Early Access Info and the Menu screen, do not display in that resolution. They used to before 94463, but now they do not and the mouse map seems to be for my native resolution and not the resolution that is displayed. Hence the offset on the mouse position to displayed button position.

Other screens I have found to also have problems with the position of the mouse highlighting the buttons are the Load, Save and Options.

On the Load and Save screens, I cannot reach the far right of the screen. Exactly where the SAVE/LOAD button is. On the Options screen, I cannot change any of the values as the exact position the mouse has to be in is not easy to find, you do not have any highlighting of the buttons as is possible on the Early Access Info and Menu Screens.
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Just a quick note as there seems to be a solution, so far it has worked!

See https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/74/gamebreaking-resolution-fullscreen-restricted-resolution?show=74#q74. Tend's suggestion has worked for me.

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on mine setting the shadow effect is messed up badly set every thing to ultra and move the shadow effect to low
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